ClayTech CMS I250A1 - Inox 250A + 1" AcquaSaver

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Technical Specifications
Brand ClayTech Pumps
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Above Ground Rainwater Management Systems

Suitable for domestic toilets, washing machine & external garden taps.

Why this pump?

ClayTech Management Systems (CMS) provide the convenience of automatic selection between your water tank and mains supply, with the emphasis on maximizing the use of your rainwater

When tank water is available the CMS will draw water from this source using the pump to deliver your water requirements. During power outages or in the case your tank supply is depleted the CMS automatically transfers to mains water supply. CMS will automatically select to supply from your water tank as soon as rainwater is available again.

Inox 250 Pump
  • Multi-stage pump
  • Quiet, reliable operation
  • Designed for larger homes
  • Self-Priming, automatic operation
  • 24-hour restart to see whether there is water in the tank
Aquatron Controller
  • It allows automatic pump operation: It starts the pump when the tap is turned on and stops it about 10 seconds after the tap is turned off.
  • It protects the pump from dry operation: It stops the pump when there is no flow of water, thus preventing possible damage to the pump. This alarm is indiĀ­cated by the LED called FAILURE on the front of the device.
  • It ensures constant flow and pressure.
Technical Data
ClayTech CMS I250A1 Technical Data
Power Absorbed (w) P2400
Max Head39m
Max Suction Lift8m
Inlet Size1"
Pump Outlet Size1"
Acquasaver Max Mains Pressure1000Kpa
Acquasaver Max Flow Rate100 L/min
Acquasaver Outlets1"
Acquasaver Weight1.6kg