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Bianco Pumpz Product Registration

If you've recently purchased a Bianco Pump, make sure to complete the registration process by filling out the form below to provide your details and the pump’s model and purchase date. Keep your proof of purchase ready to include the invoice number.

When registering your Bianco Pumpz purchase, please ensure that you keep your proof of purchase in a safe place to prove ownership, which can be valuable for product support and warranty claims.

Please be aware that some Bianco Pumpz models may have a serial number which can be found on the model plate. However, not all products are assigned a unique serial number.

Submit a New Warranty Cliam

To begin the process of filing a warranty claim, complete and submit the digital Warranty Claim form. Ensure that you provide accurate contact details, product information, and a clear explanation of the reasons for the warranty claim. It is recommended to include relevant photographs and any supporting documents that can help expedite the processing time.

Please note that all submitted claims will be carefully reviewed and processed by our team. We will promptly reach out to you to communicate the status of the claim, whether it is approved, declined, or if additional information is needed.

Operating & Installation Manuals

To access Data Sheets, User Manuals, Spare Parts information, and Compliance documents related to your product, please conduct a search using the product name or model number. These valuable resources can be located on the product page under the dedicated "Product Documents / Download" section.

If, by any chance, you encounter difficulties in finding the relevant documents for your specific product, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service Department. Our dedicated team will be pleased to assist you in acquiring the necessary product documents you require.

Spare Parts

To find a comprehensive list of compatible spare parts for your model, please refer to the product page on our website. Alternatively, you can download the product's spare part exploded diagrams, providing a visual reference for each component. Utilize the Product Search function above to locate your specific product.

Alternatively, you have the option to browse our selection of Spare Parts by Brand. Our network of resellers or authorized service agents can assist you in ordering any required spare parts for your product.

Authorised Service Agents

Our vast network of Service Agents is spread across Australia, ready to assist with repairs for products that require servicing or are no longer covered under warranty. Our highly skilled Service Agents possess the expertise to handle repairs, supply necessary spare parts, and offer general servicing and maintenance for your convenience

In the event that you have a warranty claim, we kindly ask you to initiate the process by submitting a New Warranty Claim using the provided form above. Once your claim is submitted, we will promptly assign it to a suitable Service Agent who will take charge of the necessary procedures.

Contact Our Warranty Department

Our committed Warranty Team is at your service to assist you with general troubleshooting, source older product documentation, and provide guidance on spare parts. To ensure a prompt response to your inquiry, please have the product model number and proof of purchase readily accessible.

If you need to send images or supporting documents, we kindly request that you reach out to our team via email. If your phone does not support email functionality, you can conveniently send photos directly from your smartphone by visiting www.whiteint.com.au/photos