VMVQ1220SC - Vacmaster 20L S/S Tank DIY Workshop Wet/Dry Vacuum 1250W

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Technical Specifications
Brand Vacmaster
Type Machine
Suitable For DIY Workshop
Cable (m) 4m
Size 20L
Max Airflow 50L/s
Watts 1250W
Tank Drain Pour
Filter Standard
Hose Length 2.7m
Sync Function (PTO) 1050W Max
Pack Weight (KG):
Engineered for maximum extraction of dirt, dust, sludge or water, it offers a multi-functional cleaning solution for your garage, workshop or home without compromising on suction. With the addition of an on-board power socket, you can also connect up power tools and extract dust as you're working. Use it to capture everything from dust, to rubble, to gloopy water blocking a sink. With this Vacmaster you can even switch the hose to blow instead of suck to make sweeping quick and easy. All this technology combined makes this Vacmaster wet and dry vacuum cleaner an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast.
Operation and Installation Manuals
Download Operation & Installation Manuals v1.0