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Technical Specifications
Brand Vacmaster
Type Machine
Suitable For Industrial
Cable (m) 7.5m
Size 60L
Max Airflow 65L/s
Watts 1600W
Tank Drain Plug with directional drain hose
Hose Length 3.5m crush resistant
Sync Function (PTO) Yes - 700W Max
Pack Weight (KG):
  • voltage/frequency 230V~50Hz
  • input rating 1600W
  • Industrial 2 stage motor
  • max. air flow 2.7m3 /min
  • max. vacuum 22kpa
  • tank size 60L Stainless Steel
  • cord length 7.5m
  • Sync function (700W Max)

Standard accessories: 3.5m anti crush 38mm hose, metal tube set 3pc, crevice tool, 15” floor nozzle, dust bag, combo nozzle, Polyester cartridge filter, Prefilter, drain hose, accessory pouch


The Vacmaster 60 litre wet/dry vac will make short work of any job. Sludge, debris, standing water, wood scraps, nothing’s too tough for this powerful vac. The 1600W industrial 2 stage motor has a ball bearing construction for longer life. Its extra large drain port with directional hose, push/pull handle, accessory storage and wide stance design make it easy to use and maneuver anywhere. This big, tough feature-packed Vacmaster is a must have for any tough project.

In The Box

Hose, push/pull handle, steel poles, dual mode floor tool, floor brush/squeegee, crevice tool, round brush, drain hose, accessory pouch, filter bag, cloth filter, PET cartridge filter, foam filter, power tool adaptor

Operation and Installation Manuals
Download Operation & Installation Manuals v1.0
Sync Function (Power take off)

By simply plugging in your power tool into the sync power outlet on the vacuum, the power tool will automatically control when the vacuum starts and stops. Select “II” on the vacuum switch. Connect the vacuum to a power outlet and it is ready to go.

As the power tool is switched on, both the power tool and the vacuum will start simultaneously. When the power tool is switched off, the vacuum continues for up to 8 seconds which clears any debris in the hose and the vacuum stops. Next time the power tool is started, the vacuum also starts. The operation of the sync is limited. For a 1500 watt vac, the max for power tool is 800 watt.

What is a vacuum cleaner with Power Take Off (PTO)?
A vacuum cleaner with Power Take Off is essentially a portable dust extraction unit, often used by carpenters, builders and renovators to capture wood and masonry dust before it spreads. Helping to reduce exposure to potentially hazardous dust, whilst also keeping homes and working environments clean.

Why is it important to extract building dust from your home or workspace?
It is important to consider proper dust collection when undertaking any building work, whether in a work environment or in your home. Repeated exposure to wood or masonry dust can be hazardous, causing anything from a flu-like illness, to chronic bronchitis, to cancer. Wood dust often contains bacteria and fungi, which, when airborne, can enter the lungs and cause illness and long term damage.

How to connect a power tool to a PTO vacuum cleaner?
Using a power tool or machine to sand, saw, router or drill can generate large volumes of potentially hazardous dust. Because of this, most dust generating tools have a port for collecting the dust. Simply connecting a hose from a dust extracting vacuum cleaner to this port, captures the dust generated directly at the point of origin.

Two Stage Motors (twin fan)

What is a two stage motor?
A two stage motor features two fans on the same motor shaft. Air moved by these fans travels through each fan in turn.

What does a twin fan system do?
The twin fan system increases the vacuum pressure as it moves through the stage/fans allowing it to reduce the motor speed and still maintain airflow and suction.

Why is less motor speed good?
Reducing the motor speed is the best way to reduce noise and extend the life of the motor.

How will this benefit me?
You will get better suction, a longer motor life and lower noise compared to our single fan system running at the same speed.

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