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Technical Specifications
Brand Pryor
Type Machine
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Portable, Separate Controller, Marking Area 50mm x 25mm

Portable, programmable dot marking machines for use in applications where bringing the marking device to the work piece is a prerequisite. Uncompromising build quality and lightweight design ensure the PORTADOT series portable marking units are suitable for use in virtually any environment. Units are available with a variety of standard marking windows – 50mm x 25mm, 130mm x 30mm

Applications Include:

  • 2D Data Matrix marking
  • Component traceability
  • Steel Stock marking
  • Serial numbering
  • Chassis marking
  • Time and date marking
  • Cast and forge marking
  • Batch and shift coding
  • Programmable marking
  • Part numbering
  • Component identification


Technical Specification

  • Marking Area: 50mm x 25mm/130mm x 30mm
  • Std. Character Sizes:
    Model 50-25E 0.15mm – 24.99mm in increments of 0.15mm
    Model 130-30E 0.30mm – 99.99mm in increments of 0.15mm
  • Marking Formed: 5 x 7, 7 x 9, Varidot, 2D Data Matrix
  • Marking Speed: Extremely fast – 2 x 2.5mm characters per second
  • Memory Capacity: 1350 layouts



Portable and Powerful

  • Professional design for industrial applications - robust components enclosed in sturdy housing
  • Consistent deep permanent marking on all engineering materials and plastics to 62 HRc (800 Hy)
Quiet, Fast, Efficient and Reliable Marking
  • No air supply required - runs on standard mains current
  • Highly efficient and significantly quieter than pneumatically actuated systems
  • The high torque motors and the lead-screw driven marking head guarantees dot precision unmatched on other portable systems
Intelligent Software
  • The easy to use software allows for 4 standard font types and up to 1350 layouts to be stored
  • Easy programming and tool path preview (machine outlines the marking position on the part itself)
  • The multilingual user interface allows users to choose between different character fonts and type sizes as well as angular and arc marking, variable and serial numbers, date and time marking
  • 2D Data Matrix coding
3000 Series Controller
  • No need for a PC. The controller is a separate unit to ensure it is protected from the mechanical shock loading during the marking operation
  • Very large and high contrast graphical screen ensures visuals at any angles
  • Full QWERTY membrane keyboard (possibility of external keyboard)
  • 2 x RS232 communication port
  • Digital I/O (8 Input, 6 Output)
  • Ethernet TCP/IP (optional)
The machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty


Operation and Installation Manuals
Download Operation & Installation Manuals v1.0