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Technical Specifications
Brand Pryor
Type Machine
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BENCHDOT series are robust dot marking machines designed for accuracy, speed, power and reliability. Used for FAST permanent marking of both small and large parts - the "Rolls Royce" in marking technology. Robust construction makes it well suited for applications in all environments. Units are available with a variety of standard marking windows – 60mm x 60mm, 100mm x 100mm, 150mm x 150mm and 300mm x 150mm.

Applications Include:
  • Permanently mark almost all engineering materials up to 62 HRc - (cast iron, stainless steel, plastics, aluminium and titanium alloys)
  • Serial numbers, date codes, product reference, company logo, hift code, material batch
  • 2D Data Matrix code marking
  • Identify small to large batches of components
  • Marking on flat to uneven surfaces
  • Circumferential marking device available (optional)

Technical Specification

5 x 7, 7 x 9, Varidot, Data Matrix codingExtremely fast – 2 x 2.5mm characters per second1350 layouts
Marking Area:
  • 60mm x 60mm
  • 100mm x 100mm
  • 150mm x 150mm
  • 300mm x 150mm
Std. Character Sizes:
0.15mm – 99.9mm in increments of 0.15mm
Marking Formed:
Marking Speed:
Memory Capacity:


Fast, Powerful and Accurate Marking
  • Capable of deep marking on all engineering materials up to 62 Rc (800 Hv)
  • No air supply required - runs on standard mains current
  • High consistency of marking depth
  • Fully controlled number of dots per character and dot location
  • All models include a high quality ball screw mechanism with unique twin linear rails and twin linear bearings on each axis and a rigid cast column and base
  • Significantly quieter than pneumatically operated machines
Intelligent Software
  • The easy to use software allows for 4 standard font types and up to 1350 layouts to be stored
  • Easy programming and tool path preview (machine outlines the marking position on the part itself)
  • The multilingual user interface allows users to choose between different character fonts and type sizes as well as angular and arc marking, variable and serial numbers, date and time marking 2D Data Matrix coding
3000 Series Controller
  • No need for a PC. The controller is a separate unit to ensure it is protected from the mechanical shock loading during the marking operation
  • Very large and high contrast graphical screen ensures visuals at any angles
  • Full QWERTY membrane keyboard (possibility of external keyboard)
  • 2 x RS232 communication port
  • Digital I/O (8 Input, 6 Output)
  • Ethernet TCP/IP (optional)
All machines come with a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.
Operation and Installation Manuals
Download Operation & Installation Manuals v1.0