BIA-iDRIVE3750 - VFD 3 PHASE 415V IN, 3 PHASE 415V OUT, 7.5KW, 17A

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Technical Specifications
Brand Bianco iCON
Kilo Watts 7.5 kW
Volts 415 V
Pack Weight
3 Phase 415V In, 3 Phase 415V Out, 7.5kW, 17 A

BIANCO iCON Variable Frequency Drive Controllers

The iCON iDRIVE eliminates the requirement for large pressure tanks and pressure switches used for automatic operation as well as associated pressure cycling. The iCON iDRIVE provides both the ability to conserve energy through only operating the pump according to the speed required to maintain constant pressure and further allowing for multiple set points to be met. The iCON iDRIVE is equipped with an easy to use LCD display and is completely designed and built for controlling pump systems from the ground up.

3 Phase 415V In, 3 Phase 415V Out, 7.5kW, 17 A

IP 55. Mounting bracket included.


2 Year Warranty